The advent of techniques, which have enabled us to use diesel as a fuel in vehicles, generators, etc. has significantly helped people and communities throughout the world.

Due to the low price and easy availability, diesel is widely preferred, and especially in vehicular applications, its popularity is rising day by day. Car owners enjoy the benefits of fuel economy, reduced carbon emission, increased safety, etc., by driving cars which run on diesel.

However, this special fuel demands extra care, which if not given, can lead to expensive repair work in the near or distant future. But worry not, as we have mentioned some useful points, following which you can maintain your diesel vehicle easily.

How to maintain the diesel engine?

  1. Fuel:
  •  Always go to the reputed fuel station and get the diesel fuel of only high quality for your vehicle.
  • Keep the tank filled with adequate fuel to prevent the former from rusting.


  1. On starting to drive every time:
  •  Depress the clutch.
  • Never rev the engine immediately.
  • Don’t start the engine with AC and stereo system on.


  1. On stopping to drive every time:
  •  Don’t turn off the engine immediately.


  1. While driving every time:
  •  Avoid driving at a very high or a very low speed.
  • Don’t change the speed suddenly in the midst of driving.


  1. Car Servicing:


  1. Cleaning:
  • Keeping the engine clean is necessary, therefore, replace engine oil and air filters on a periodic basis.


  1. Problematic times:
  • Fuel inefficiency, unusual noise, slow cranking, increased pollution, and other issues may arise at any point of time.
  • Whenever you notice any such problem, get your vehicle checked from the experienced diesel mechanic in Dandenong. We have a rich experience in this field.


  1. Winter:
  • As mentioned before, the tank should never get empty.
  • Never leave it in the cold for longer.
  • Add a winter fuel additive to the fuel tank.


  1. Idle Vehicle:
  • If for any reason, you plan not to drive your car much, make sure to use it once in a while so that the components keep functioning well.


  1. Monitoring:
  • Always keep an eye on your vehicle’s condition and performance.
  • Act fast if you observe any leak of engine oil or any other fluid.


To increase the longevity of the diesel vehicle and explore new destinations smoothly, you need to pay a little heed. But, you are not alone in this, as we provide genuine advice to all our customers. We conduct all repairs and replacements excellently at our car servicing centre in Dandenong.

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